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As a Family-Owned Business, Our Team is our Family.

Owners: Jeffrey and Philip Wilson.

  Both Wilson brothers began working for Reed's in high school on the delivery truck. They continued to work in all aspects of the flower business including design, purchasing, decor, delivery and marketing. While working at other jobs, they decided that their true passion was the flower industry, and they purchased Reed's. That was more than 23 years ago, and each day, you will find them in one of the stores, working alongside their staff and customers.

Lisa – Lisa is our Supervisor and does a fabulous job of keeping an eye on our multiple locations, as well as making sure that all of our customers have the full Reed’s Experience!

Stephanie - A floral designer with passion, Stephanie loves making all sorts of arrangements, but really loves bright, vibrant vases.

Kara – Bringing her excitement for the industry to her work, Kara loves to turn people’s visions into beautiful arrangements each day!

Charlene - With many years of family learned experience growing up in the flower industry, Charlene is an expert guide in making your journey come to light.

Jeannette - Jeannette has been with us for over 17 years, coming to us when we took over a shop that was closing. Whenever you visit our Ajax store, she is the smiling face that will greet you and help you put your emotions into flowers.

Greg - Greg works with us on a part time basis, and has been with us for over 25 years, in many capacities. His forte is designing beautiful pieces that reflect the passion that he puts into his work.

Kathy - Kathy first came to us 20 years ago with a story about how Reed's did her wedding flowers years before that! Her loyalty and dedication to our Team has not wavered since. She splits time between our OC and PTC stores.

Regis - The smiling face on the road, you will always find Regis behind the wheel of a Reed's van, or at your door bringing joy.

Bill - Looking after our more remote and further East deliveries, Bill has been with us for the last 10 years. Give him a wave when you see him on the road!

Fred - Another integral part is Fred, another delivery driver of ours. You will primarily see him on weekends, making people's days bright!

Doug - Doug looks after our West and and North West deliveries, from Hamilton north to Vaughan/Newmarket and everywhere in between!

Devon – Devon has been a part of our Team for over 7 years, and is one of the smiling faces you see when you come into both our Pickering and Oshawa Stores

Heather – A relationship that began over 10 years ago, Heather still loves meeting new people and helping make people’s day. You will find Heather primarily in our Pickering Store.

Leanne – Bright, chipper, fun and knowledgeable. Leanne will greet you at the Oshawa Store and lead you to get exactly what you want!

Brittany – Part of our Team for many years, Brittany focuses most of her exceptional customer service skills at our Oshawa Store.

Mala – Part of our Team for the last 7 years, Mala loves to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. You will find Mala in our PTC Store.

Jennifer – What a smile and what enthusiasm! Jennifer can be found in our Pickering Store, and if you are lucky enough to come in when she is working, you will be happy!

Jessica – You will find Jessica in our Oshawa Store, working hard and always eager to help you find the perfect gift!

Steve - With a huge smile and excellent driving ability, Steve will deliver your gifts with care!

Other Staff - We have many other fantastic part time staff and drivers who work in stores and we are ever thankful for their devotion and smiling faces!

We also want to remember and thank some incredible Team members who have passed on.
Each one of them has left an indelible mark on our company. Jeffrey and Philip are grateful for having known and shared time with each one of them.

Thank you Murray, Rob, Pauline, Maddie and Rose. Rest in Peace.