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1912-2022 - Reed's Florists Limited Originally founded in 1912 as a greenhouse grower, Reed's is a family-owned business that is very much an integral part of our community.

Throughout our over 110-year history, Reed’s has always been a family business, and has had only 5 owners throughout that time.

In 1912, R.B. Reed built greenhouses on Bloor Street in Oshawa. Together, he and his wife Nina grew flowers and plants for the churches and residents of Oshawa. Originally, deliveries were done with horse and wagon, but Reed’s first delivery truck was purchased in the 1920’s. In 1921, Nina opened a flower shop in Downtown Oshawa to help complement the greenhouses on Bloor Street. This store was located at 10 ½ King Street West. After the war, all three of Dick and Nina’s Reed’s sons came to join the business – Morry worked in the greenhouses, Henry in the Retail Side and Ted as Vice President. This led to the incorporation of R.B. Reed and Sons Florists. At this point, R.B (Dick) retired and subsequently passed away in 1953.

As the business grew, throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s the family concentrated on greenhouse growing and retailing, hiring a greenhouse manager to replace Morry, who, sadly, had passed away. In 1977 the decision was made to transition away from growing and focus on retailing. In 1977, Ted passed away, leaving Henry as the sole Reed left to run the business, together with his greenhouse manager. Thus, he made the decision to move strictly into retailing, and then sold the company to his greenhouse manager.

Abe Buntsma owned Reed’s for the next 10 years, opening different stores, experimenting with new ways to purchase fresh and hard good supplies, and building a business that was as much a part of Oshawa then as it is today. In 1988, Abe sold Reed’s to Ajax Pickering Flower Shops (Owned by Tony and Ria Stolk, who owned both the Ajax and Pickering stores), and the company was renamed Reed’s Florists Limited to better reflect its operating position. The merger of these two companies created one of the largest florists in Canada, running 5 retail locations throughout the 1990’s. In 1999 the company was sold to the Brothers Jeffrey and Philip Wilson, both of whom had worked there in high school. Returning from University, they decided that they wanted to pursue a life in the floral industry. They have embraced this for many years, growing the company in many facets, and still work in the business every day. You will often find them in one of the stores, or one of their family members! Reed’s is truly a family business…..Bringing Beauty to Life, for Over a Century.

Reed’s Pickering Flower Shop First opened in Pickering Town Centre in 1973 (the same year the mall opened!), our Pickering location has served Pickering with incredible, fresh florals and gifts for 49 years. Last renovated in 2021, our PTC Store is a favourite to browse with its airy, open ceiling, and bright, engaging lighting. Pickering is open mall hours, from 10am-9pm Monday to Friday,
10am -6pm on Saturday, and 11am – 5pm on Sundays.

Reed’s Oshawa Centre Flower Shop Our OC Store has been a part of Oshawa all the way back to the beginning! Reed’s originally had a kiosk when the Oshawa Centre was an open-air mall in the 1950’s. When the mall was enclosed in 1968, we got our first store there, and have been a part of the community ever since! Our large storefront and open concept cooler invite you to wander through, shop or just explore what we have to offer! Open mall hours, from 10am-9pm Monday – Friday, 10am-9pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sundays.

Reed’s Ajax Flower Shop First opened in the original part of Ajax in 1956, the Ajax Flower shop is the original shop in Town! Although we moved stores, we stayed in the same plaza until 2016, when we moved to our new larger, open concept design studio at 845 Westney Road South. Come on in and wander through our large fridge, engage with designers making creations or just shop the retail store.